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The Brontës Rebooted

[caption id="attachment_2193" align="alignleft" width="200" caption=" "] [/caption]Juliet Barker has published a revised edition of her landmark biography, The Brontës with new material, including letters and juvenilia not available when the original edition was published eighteen years ago. . . . Read More »

Have an SF or Fantasy Manuscript? Get Published Now!

At least one publisher will soon be accepting unsolicited manuscripts over the transom. Harper Voyager, HarperCollins’ science fiction and fantasy imprint, has announced that it will accept unagented manuscripts for a two-week period in October.

From October 1 until October 14, Harper Voyager is opening the transom to unsolicited manuscripts. The decision as to which manuscripts to publish will be made jointly by editors in the US, UK, and Australia. . . . Read More »

H. L. Mencken – The American Language

[caption id="attachment_2124" align="alignleft" width="150" caption=" "] [/caption]The subject that would identify H.L. Mencken as a uniquely American voice was The American Language, a book he believed would be “my swan song.” Through the humid months of 1918, a shirtless Mencken could often be found on the sleeping porch of his home in Baltimore amongst piles of reference works and dictionaries. He sweated through each tome, taking notes and dog-earing pages. He also dug out articles he’d previously published in the Evening Sun, the Smart Set, and the New York Evening Mail. From this chaos of material came a certain order. . . . Read More »