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In the Old Sun
Hermann Hesse

This comic novel about the natives of his birthplace was completed in 1904, long before the novels that made Hesse famous in the decades after World War II. Back in print after 100 years.

Hermann Hesse

Gertrude was the first novel by Hermann Hesse published in English and not part of an anthology. The novel deals with the destructive nature of love and the restorative powers of music.

The Journal of Henry David Thoreau – Vol. 3
Henry David Thoreau

Thoreau’s Journal comprises fourteen volumes and, of all his writings, comes closest to the man himself.

Great Short Stories by Great American Writers
Edited by Thomas Fasano

Features 30 of the greatest short stories from the most distinguished writers in the American short-story tradition.

The American Language
H.L. Mencken

This book, first published in 1919, remains the most comprehensive treatise on the American dialect ever attempted.

The Complete Diaries of Adam and Eve
Mark Twain

Adam and Eve’s sotry is tender throughout, focusing on the more humorous aspects of their relationship and eventual “marriage.”

Self-Reliance, the Over-Soul, and Other Essays
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Six essays and one address that flesh out Emerson’s transcendentalist ideas.

A Concise Guide to MLA Style and Documentation
Thomas Fasano

A classroom-tested resource that provides only the information students need and is easier to use than the actual MLA Handbook.

The Road Not Taken, Birches, and Other Poems
Robert Frost

Some of Frost’s best-known poems, such as “The Road Not Taken” and “Birches.”

Five Great Dialogues of Plato

Translated from the original Greek by the scholar and classicist Benjamin Jowett, known for their elegance and accuracy.

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